About us - Our strength is simplicity

lightfulweb is a boutique software development and consultation agency focused on building and maintaining web applications and services, based in Tallin, Estonia. We are team of experienced engineers and product developers working remotely all across the globe.

We have developed services and products within Fintech and E-commerce industry across Germany, Spain and Brazil.

At lightfulweb, we take a simpler approach in everything we do. We avoid unnecessary complexity, trendy technologies and buzzwords. We have minimal meetings and bureaucracy, which leads us to finish projects on time and on budget.


  • Sahil Gadimbayli



  • Sahil Gadimbayli

    Senior Developer and Project Manager

  • Hasan Hasanzade

    Senior Developer


  • Timo Oliver Matthias


From the blog

Our team of experienced engineers and designers share their knowledge and insights on our blog.

Dumping and restoring data between different Schemas in Postgres

Going from multiple database setup into a single database with multiple schemas, we will go through the process of dumping and restoring data between different schemas in PostgreSQL.

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Adding index to text columns in Postgres

Speed up your queries by adding index to text columns in Postgres using gin strategy.

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